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Loyalty Program

About our "Funcash" Loyalty Program


- Earn 20 Points just for signing up!

- Earn 20 Points each year on your birthday

- Earn 1 Point for every dollar you spend on our online store

- Easily redeem your points within your dashboard for a purchase credit code

- The more you save up, the better the rewards!

- Get $5 off every $100 spent (5% discount)

- Get $15 off every $200 spent (7.5% discount)

- Get $40 off every $400 spent (10% discount)

- Referring a friend gets you an automatic $5 in purchase credit, and the friend you refer gets $5 in purchase credit for their first ticket/wristband order, too!

(You can find the link to share with friends that tracks your referral within your dashboard.)


How to start earning points:

  1. Register an account with Funderland online (20 points just for signing up!)
  2. Log into your account
  3. You’re done!

Now, anytime you are logged into your account and you make a purchase online, you are automatically earning points!

*Reminder: You must be a Rewards Member and Signed In when making a purchase to receive rewards. In-Park purchases do not contribute to Loyalty Program Rewards. To get rewards when you're already at the park, remember that any purchase made online can be immediately redeemed in park. 


Joining and Accessing your Dashboard:

Signing up for the program is easy! You can simply click on the hovering blue star on your screen and it will prompt you to create your account, or you can go directly to the create account page

Once you create your account, you can access your dashboard to monitor your points by going back into rewards tab (hovering blue star) that will appear on any page you land on within our Online Store ( If you clear your browser and get logged out, you will be prompted to sign back in, or you can go directly to the log in page

Any time you get lost, just click on the hovering blue star and it will take you to your Rewards Dashboard!


Redeeming Your Rewards:

Once you have enough points to trade them in for credit, you can visit your dashboard and redeem them for credit to apply to your next purchase. Simply click on the rewards that are available to trade in under "Your Rewards" and we'll provide your exclusive, one-time use purchase credit code!


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at!